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Children's Pediatric Dentistry

Experienced Elk Grove dentists for children Dr. Peter Ngai and Dr. Penny Phipps are both parents themselves and understand the challenges unique to children when it comes to dental care. Our young patients have trusted this dental team to provide quality children’s dentistry for years because they know that at our office, we treat you and your children like part of our family. Your child’s health is very important to us, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry

We make it easy for your entire family – even the youngest members! – to get high quality children's dentistry in the same office from dentists you can trust. As in other areas of their health care, children have unique needs when it comes to their dental care. Most aren’t quite able to handle a toothbrush on their own and need gentle coaching to learn this crucial life skill. Many may be fearful of new situations and need a kind and compassionate guide to help them feel comfortable and confident. And, of course, most kids we know love sweets!

At our office, a general dentist experienced in pediatric dentistry will work with you and your children to show you easy ways to incorporate regular brushing and flossing into your daily routine to keep your children’s teeth and gums strong and healthy. We will help you learn ways to assist your children in this practice and talk to you about when it’s a good idea to let them brush independently. We provide useful tips on how to reduce sweets while encouraging your child to eat healthy, nutritious foods. We can also discuss how to solve problematic behaviors like thumb sucking, pencil chewing, or nail biting that can have detrimental effects on your child’s teeth and oral development in the long run.

Preventive Pediatric Treatments

As in many cities, the water of Elk Grove is fluoridated. Fluoridating the tap water has been shown to be a safe and effective way to increase community access to this important mineral, and areas with fluoridated water have a demonstrably lower instance of cavities. However, if your child drinks bottled or filtered water, he or she may not be getting enough fluoride. We will discuss your family’s water habits with you. If it appears that your child needs additional fluoride, we offer fluoride rinses to help strengthen your child’s teeth.

In our office, we recommend fluoride varnish treatments, which can last for up to three months. During a fluoride varnish treatment, the fluoride is painted onto your child’s teeth quickly and easily. Our priorities are in always preventing tooth decay in children.  Your child can eat and drink immediately following the treatment but should refrain from brushing for up to six hours afterward.

If your child is prone to cavities, we may recommend sealing or filling the molars to prevent larger problems. Because we prefer to choose the most conservative methods of treatment and every patient’s care is individualized, these decisions are always made on a case-by-case basis.

General Dentistry For Kids' Comfort and Convenience

Our office is conveniently located between Elk Grove High School and Kerr Middle School.  Many parents love the fact that their child can simply walk to our office after school lets out and meet them here for an appointment. Our office is comfortable and welcoming to all, and we are always happy to see you.

If you're looking for a kid's dental clinic or pediatric dentist, please give our family dental office a try.  Many kids love coming to the same dentist as their parents.  Call our Elk Grove dental office today!

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