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What minimally invasive procedures do you offer?

Minimally invasive dentistry incorporates treatments that leave as much of your natural tooth material intact while treating or, ideally, preventing decay into our everyday practices. As such, we perform several minimally invasive procedures for both prevention and treatment.

Preventative treatments include remineralization therapies such as flouride treatments, which restore lost minerals in the enamel to strengthen your teeth; resin sealants, which consist of a very thin layer of resin bonded to your tooth to increase resistance on decay-prone chewing surfaces; and night guards to help prevent wear on your teeth, as most people grind their teeth during sleep to a lesser or greater extent.

In addition to prevention, we can treat decay with a variety of miminally invasive treatments. With ozone dentistry and air abrasion we can remove decay without the need of a drill or anesthesia in many cases. Inlays and onlays are an alternative to crowns, which leave your your teeth stronger.

For crowns, healthy tooth material must be removed to support and anchor the crown. Onlays are bonded to the teeth rather than anchored mechanically. This allows your Elk Grove, CA dentist to leave the healthy areas of your tooth intact, only removing the decayed areas.

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