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What is causing my stained teeth?

Many things can cause stained teeth. Certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and some fruits and vegetables can stain, and if you're a smoker, that's a likely culprit, too. Some medications, like tetracycline, can cause lifelong discoloration of teeth when it's given to children, and too much flouride can also lead to discoloration.

Genetics plays a factor, as some people have thicker or brighter enamel. Teeth will also naturally yellow as you get older. And some dental treatments, such as amalgam fillings, will cause the teeth to appear stained.

In many cases, stained or yellowed teeth can be treated with professional teeth whitening treatments at our Elk Grove, CA dental office. If your teeth aren't as bright and white as you'd like them to be, our dental staff will be happy to explore treatment options with you, tailored to your specific needs and situation. We have different whitening options to fit your budget and your smile.

No matter what the cause, if your smile isn't all you want it to be, we want to help! Contact our office today to schedule a consultation, and we will explore the treatment options that will work best for you and your teeth.