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Are dental x-rays safe for my child?

Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that allows us to catch many small issues, unnoticable to the naked eye, that could cause bigger problems if left untreated.

In pediatric dentistry, we can use x-rays to spot cavities, keep track of erupting teeth, evaluate the effects of a mouth injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. Discovering problems sooner allows us to use the most conservative treatments possible, keeping costs down for you and limiting the pain and trauma of dental visits for your child.

With advances in technology, the amount of radiation you are exposed to during a dental x-ray is negligible. We use every precaution such as lead aprons, dividers, and digital high-speed x-rays that target only the area we are interested in and use about 90% less radiation than traditional analog x-ray methods. We take particular care in x-ray techniques for our littlest patients to ensure minimal exposure to harmful radiation.

With the newest, well-maintained digital equipment, careful procedures, and extra precautions for pediatric patients, x-rays are a safe and useful part of your child's dental treatment plan. If you ever have any questions and concerns about x-rays or any other aspect of your child's dental treatment, do not hesitate to bring it up with your dentist. We believe communication and teamwork is instrumental in getting you and your family the best outcome for your oral health.