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Is ozone dentistry safe?

Ozone dentistry uses ozone gas to reverse bacterial growth in your teeth. Ozone gas is perfectly safe. It has been used to sterilize food and water, purify air, and treat diseases and infections. Your immune system manufactures ozone to fight infections, and ozone dentistry does the same thing for your teeth.

Ozone dentistry offers many advantages over traditional methods of treating cavities and other dental problems. Ozone dentistry is painless, saving you from shots and numbness. It is side-effect free, unlike most antibiotics and other medications. It is minimally invasive, and unlike drilling, it leaves your natural teeth intact.

The benefits of ozone go beyond convenience, though. Ozone dentistry causes recalcification within the material of your teeth. This leaves your teeth stronger than before the cavity and causes your teeth to become more resistant to future decay, saving you money and pain in the future.

While ozone dentistry can't be used to treat every cavity, our Elk Grove dentists prefer to use it whenever possible to give you the best possible outcome from your dental treatment. It is especially effective in pediatric dentistry, helping to strengthen your child's teeth and keep them free from decay without the discomfort and fear associated with traditional fillings.

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