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What is ozone dentistry?

Ozone dentistry is a technique that allows our dentists to treat sites of minor decay without drilling. The ozone molecules oxidize the site of decay, killing the bacteria safely without affecting healthy tooth material. Once the decay process is reversed, healthy minerals can then flow back into the affected site over time. This process actually leaves the tooth stronger and less susceptible to future decay!

Ozone dentistry is preferable to traditional treatment methods for many reasons. Drilling teeth to remove decay usually means loss of some amount of healthy tooth matter as well as temporary discomfort. It leaves the remaining tooth structure weakened and more susceptible to future decay.

Usage of dental ozone is painless, which means no needles or numbness for you. It treats small surface cavities quickly and easily, preventing more serious issues down the line. Ozone dentistry is particularly well suited to pediatric dentistry and patients with dental anxiety for these reasons.

Our Elk Grove, CA dental office is proud to incorporate ozone dentistry into our minimally invasive treatment plans, helping keep your teeth healthy and bright using the best techniques available. Call our office today to schedule an exam and see if ozone dentistry can help you!