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How do you treat my teeth with ozone?

Getting a cavity filled is usually a long and potentially stressful process that includes dental drills, shots of anesthesia, and a relatively lengthy appointment. That's why our dentists prefer to catch decay early and stop the bacteria before they go too deep. Treating decay in the early stages with ozone dentistry is a quick and painless process that requires no numbing, no drilling, and no long visits to the dentist's chair.

Ozone dentistry is done with a machine that uses electric current to convert stable O2 (oxygen) molecules into unstable O3 (ozone) molecules. The newly formed ozone gas is either applied to your teeth directly or suspended in water or oil and applied to the area of decay. As the extra oxygen atom tries to escape so the unstable O3 molecule can revert to an O2 molecule, the reaction forces oxygen into the microscopic channels of your tooth.

Bacteria create an acidic environment to thrive in. The oxygen atoms reverse this process and lower the acidity in the infected area, killing off the bacteria locally. Once the bacteria are eradicated, minerals in your saliva flood into the tooth to replace it, causing the tooth to remineralize. This remineralization process actually strengthens your teeth and increases their immunity to future recurrences of decay.

Through safe and painless ozone treatment, we can eliminate decay before it becomes a painful cavity requiring drilling and filling. Call our office today to schedule an appointment and learn if ozone dentistry can work for you!