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Do dental implants have advantages over partials or dentures?

While it’s true that partial and full denture technology has improved considerably since the days of your grandparents' dentures, dental implants do still have some significant advantages over removable denture appliances:

  • Dental implants are permanently fused to your jawbone and are not intended to be removed.
  • Dental implants feel more natural and comfortable when talking and eating.
  • Dental implants have no risk of embarrassing or untimely slips.
  • Dental implants function more like natural teeth, allowing you to continue with your regular lifestyle while dentures can create restrictions on what you can eat.
  • Dental implants are cleaned with a regular brushing and flossing routine just like your natural teeth and do not require removal or special cleaners to care for them.

Dental implants are a quickly expanding technology and have a wide variety of applications to fit your dental needs. If you need to replace several missing teeth and are concerned about the cost of individual dental implants, we can also use implants to hold bridges, partials, or dentures in place more securely. Call our office today for an examination and consultation so we can help you decide what the best implant solution is for your unique needs.