Peter Ngai, DMD and Penny L. Phipps, DDS
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I know sugary snacks like candy and soda can increase tooth decay, but why does my diet matter as long as I brush properly?

Your diet can have a profound effect on your oral health! Even if you brush and floss properly, decay can still happen if the pH balance of your mouth is off. Pathogenic bacteria, the ones that cause cavities, love an acidic mouth. By making sure you eat a healthy balance of foods and incorporate other treatments (such as using baking soda to brush/rinse) you can keep the acid in your mouth in check, help minimize harmful bacteria, and even promote healthy bacteria.

In addition to pH, the mineral content of your food can affect the strength and health of your teeth. Tooth enamel requires a variety of minerals to remain strong and hard. By making sure that you are providing your teeth with all of the minerals they need, either through diet or by using supplemental treatments and powders, you can actually reverse the softening of enamel that precedes cavities, stopping decay in its tracks!

Our dental office in Elk Grove, CA specializes in minimally invasive dentistry, including dental nutrition, and we will evaluate your diet, the pH of your mouth and the current strength of your enamel, among other factors. This way we can work together with you to keep your teeth healthy for years to come, saving you time in the dentist's chair, money, and painful and invasive procedures in the future. Call to schedule your first appointment today!

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