Peter Ngai, DMD and Penny L. Phipps, DDS
6 McBride and Son Center | Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

Is it really possible to treat a cavity without drilling?

Yes it is! Our office uses ozone dentistry, a revolutionary field of dentistry that offers drill-free treatment of many dental problems. Ozone dentistry is an important part of our minimally invasive dentistry practice. Ozone dentistry works by using the antimicrobial gas known as ozone to target areas of decay and reverse the problem.

In some cases, ozone dentistry can be used to treat a cavity by changing the acidic environment beneath the enamel that is creating the problem. Changing the environment destroys the bacteria contributing to the damage and breaks the cycle. This stops the cavity from growing and actually encourages the body's own healing process to take over and repair the cavity.

Using ozone dentistry instead of traditional drilling in cases where it can be effective not only leaves your teeth stronger and healthier, it can even cause the tooth to become resistant to future decay. Ozone dentistry is safer and better for the overall health of your teeth than painful drilling, which removes natural tooth material and leaves the remaining structure weakened.

Call our office and schedule an appointment to learn more about this innovative therapy and find out whether you are a good candidate for ozone dentistry.