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Why does dental work need to be redone?

It would be wonderful if every treatment we performed would last forever. While we always ensure that any restorations we do last as long as possible, it's simply a fact that most dental restorations will eventually become worn out and need to be replaced. Depending on the procedure and the material used, your dental work can last anywhere from an average of three years to ten years with good dental care and barring any trauma to the dental work.

There are other factors that can can cause dental work to fail and need replacement, too.

Older crowns made with outdated technology can become loose, allowing bacteria in underneath the crown. Amalgam ("silver") fillings expand and contract with heat and cold like any metal and can become loose and fall out or even crack the tooth surrounding them. Accidentally biting down on a hard item like ice or jawbreakers or chewing on non-food items such as pens and pencils can crack even a newer restoration.

Part of your regular examination is checking the condition of your dental restorations. If we spot any potential problems, we will let you know. We can replace older dental work with new restorations that look better and last longer. If you're between exams and something doesn't feel right with your dental work, call us as soon as possible. The sooner we replace damaged or worn dental work, the better. If left untreated, it can cause additional damage to your teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment, especially if you suspect a problem with your dental work.

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