Peter Ngai, DMD and Penny L. Phipps, DDS
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What procedures do you perform on children?

We offer full comprehensive dental services for your entire family. Our Elk Grove, CA dental office practices minimally invasive dentistry, which places an emphasis on prevention.

To begin dental prevention at a young age, we recommend some or all of the following preventative procedures:

  • Flouride rinses - Elk Grove's water is flouridated, which has been shown to help reduce cavities in communities, especially in children. However, if your child drinks bottled or filtered water, they may not be getting enough flouride. We can supplement with flouride rinses if necessary.
  • Flouride varnish treatments - In some cases we may determine flouride rinses are not optimal, in which case we may recommend a flouride varnish treatment for your child. This paints the flouride directly onto your child's teeth, quickly and painlessly. The treatment lasts for up to three months, and your child can eat and drink immediately after treatment.
  • Sealants - If we determine your child's teeth are prone to decay or have deep grooves where bacteria like to gather, a thin sealant can be applied. This seals the tooth’s chewing surface and fills in the grooves, making it harder for bacteria to get a foothold.

In addition to preventative measures, we offer pediatric cleanings, examinations, fillings, and more comprehensive dental care if necessary. It is always our goal to use the most conservative solution to your child's problem to maximize their oral health. Call today to schedule an appointment for your child.