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At what age can my child brush and floss his own teeth?

Every child is unique and matures at a different pace. Many factors contribute to whether your child is ready to brush and floss on their own, including coordination, level of responsibility, even emotional maturity.

In general, we recommend teaching children to brush their own teeth at about age 6, and we show them how to floss independently around ages 10 to 11. We are happy to assess your child's abilities periodically and help you determine when he or she is ready to start brushing and flossing independently.

Once your child is brushing on his or her own, we still encourage you to occasionally monitor the process to make sure that good technique is being used and good habits are being practiced. Kids are kids, and their technique can get “lazy” over time, requiring a reminder of the proper brushing and flossing procedure.

By starting early and stressing the importance of good oral hygiene, giving guidance and support as your child grows and develops from barely being able to hold the brush to brushing and flossing independently with your supervision, you can help your child develop superior oral health habits that will last a lifetime. If you have questions about how to teach proper oral hygiene to children, call today and schedule an appointment for your child. We will be happy to help!