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Digital X-Rays

The safety of our patients and staff is one of our primary goals. One of the ways we demonstrate this commitment to safety and quality care is through the use of digital x-rays. Our Elk Grove dental office has been fully digital since 2002.

Why Do We Use Digital X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are an important part of your dental care. They allow us to see the extent of cavities and other problems, make diagnoses, and even catch serious concerns and oral diseases early, before they are visible to the naked eye.

Unfortunately, medical and dental x-rays cause exposure to potentially dangerous radiation. Over time, radiation exposure can build up in the body. Because the amount of radiation that medical and dental x-rays expose you to is very low, healthcare providers consider the ratio of risk-to-benefit to be acceptable and use x-rays to diagnose and detect a multitude of conditions.

Digital x-rays use less radiation than their traditional counterparts. Compared to traditional film x-rays, digital x-rays expose patients to up to 90% less radiation. We feel this is a significant advantage and are excited to offer this safer diagnostic technique to our patients.

Other Advantages of Digital X-Rays

In addition to the impressive improvement in safety offered by digital x-rays, these images offer other benefits as well:

  • Because no chemicals or film are required to develop and view the images, digital x-rays are more environmentally friendly than traditional dental x-rays.
  • Digital x-rays are available for viewing immediately. This saves you time and allows your appointment to progress faster and get you out the door and on with the rest of your day.
  • The images produced with digital x-rays are viewed on a computer monitor. Because they are digital, we can zoom in and enhance the images to get a closer look at any areas that are causing us concern, improving our diagnostic abilities.
  • The images provide an excellent educational tool because we can show them to you and clearly enhance or add color to the image to better illustrate a condition or a recommended treatment.
  • Should you ever move or need to see a specialist for any reason, we can send these images to another healthcare practitioner or dentist as easily as we would send an email. The images arrive instantly, saving you the trouble of keeping track of fragile x-ray images or waiting days for the images to arrive by mail.
  • We are able to easily store these images directly in your digital patient file so we can refer to them quickly. This saves time and is especially helpful when we are tracking your progress during a specific treatment or when we are treating children, whose mouths are constantly changing and developing.

Digital x-rays allow us to provide quality dental care to our patients, and they are a basic part of every treatment plan. We are always happy to discuss your x-ray results with you and explain what they mean for both your present and your future dental health.

For more information about digital x-rays or to schedule an examination and a cleaning, please call our Elk Grove dental office today.