Peter Ngai, DMD and Penny L. Phipps, DDS
6 McBride and Son Center | Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

Services & Procedures

We are pleased to offer a wide range dental care services in our dental office to meet the needs of our patients. Dr. Peter Ngai and Dr. Penny Phipps work together as a team to take advantage of each other’s strengths. This means a superior dental experience for you. Imagine the benefits of having the skills and expertise of two talented dentists available!

Comprehensive Family Dentistry Services

Our team takes pride in offering excellent family dental care. Our primary goal when providing dental care is to minimize future problems through top-notch preventive care and treatments. A key component of each dental visit is a discussion of your family’s dental habits and what can be done to maintain or improve your current home care routine. In addition to reviewing brushing and flossing techniques as every good dentist should do, we will also discuss dietary changes our family dental clinic shares with patients for having healthier teeth and gums.

Local Dentist Office For The Entire Family

We enjoy seeing children and are thrilled to provide care to entire families in our Elk Grove kids dental office. As parents ourselves, we understand the challenges that come along with children and dental care, and we can provide innovative solutions to kids who aren’t excited about brushing their teeth or are fearful of the dentist. Our dental hygienists are friendly and cheerful and make it easy for your kids to relax and get the care they need.

Minimally Invasive Family Dental Clinic

At our office, we prefer to practice minimally invasive dentistry. This means that whenever possible, we will try to find a way to prevent or solve a problem using a method that conserves as much healthy tooth structure as we can. Some of the minimally invasive techniques our family dentists use include preventive resin restorations, dental onlays and conservative crowns, remineralization using fluoride, and ozone dentistry.

We also understand that sometimes extra care is needed. When necessary, we are also skilled in other techniques such as dental crowns and bridges, root canals, and fillings.

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Using The Latest Techniques and Technology

As dental care continues to evolve, we study new techniques offering the latest cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry treatments to find out which ones will most benefit our patients. Some of the modern technology our family cosmetic dentists regularly embrace include:

  • Digital X-rays – Using digital x-rays, we are able to expose our patients to up 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. Additionally, digital x-rays give us a much clearer picture and allow us to display the images quickly on a computer monitor so we can show you the images and use them to illustrate our discussions of your dental care.
  • Dental Implants – The dental implant is an innovative solution for missing teeth allows us to permanently replace your tooth with a beautiful crown attached to a biocompatible titanium root for a completely natural appearance and fully functioning tooth.
  • Ozone Dentistry – What if we could repair cavities with no needles, drills, or filling? In some cases, ozone dentistry allows us to do just that. This technology uses pure ozone to help the tooth remineralize itself, which means that the tooth can heal itself without the need for drilling and filling. Research has even shown that once a tooth has been treated with ozone, it may become immune to cavities.  We also use ozone during the filling process and as an adjunct to gum treatments and extractions.  Our waterlines are also continuously cleansed with ozone water to provide healthy, clean water to our patient.

Please select from a large variety of general dentist office services from the menu to read more about them. If you have additional questions or would like to set up an examination or general dentist consultation appointment, please call our Elk Grove dental office today!